Fortuna General 50A3

Artikelnummer: JB-100064

    -Durable aluminium rubberized body, resistant to large calibers recoil
    -High-quality component parts from best manufacturers available
    -Compact and light-weight
    -User-friendly digital menu
    -Compatible with external power banks and video recorders
    -Effective with daylight scopes of 3-15x magnification
    -The «switch-to-side» mount allows you to quickly activate and deactivate the clip-on

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Model 40A6 50A6 50A3
Thermal imaging core , 17 μm 640 x 480 384 x 288
Spectral range, μm 7.5÷14
Frequency, Hz 25 / 9 50 / 9
Sensitivity, mK <50
Calibration electronic, silent
Lens 40mm, F/1,0 50mm, F/1,2
Optical zoom 1,0
Field of View, deg 15,2 x 11,5 12,3 x 9,3 6,3 x 5,0
Lens focus Fixed from 10m to ∞ Manual from 5m to ∞
Pace of corrections, distance 100m 4,3 3,4 1,7
Display AMOLED 800x600
Power supply CR123A x 2 pcs. (RCR123A x 2 pcs.)
Minimal continuous run time at 25 °C 5 hours
Protection class IP67
Maximum impact load, g 500g
Operating temperature range -30…+50
Dimensions, mm 60x70x168 60x70x183 60x70x205
Weight with batteries (CR123A x 2 pcs), g ~470 ~570 ~595

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